About Our School

Designed to be the type of school that every student wants to attend, Kaleidoscope Charter High School will prepare all students for success through its innovative, student-centered approach. Student-centered environments address the what, why, and how of learning and place students at the center of their own learning.  


In student-centered environments, students choose the focus of their content based on personal interest.  


When students see the relevance of the content to their own lives, they are more engaged, more motivated, and more successful. 



So that each student can show their unique gifts, student-centered environments offer a number of different ways that students can express their understanding. 

At Kaleidoscope, we know that students connect with learning in different ways and that those who have agency over their learning are more motivated, more highly engaged, and have more successful outcomes (Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education).  

Therefore, learning at Kaleidoscope is more personalized and individually paced to the developmental needs, learning style, interests, and abilities of our students. In this way, students are empowered to take ownership of their learning, to be responsible for their own growth and progress, and to explore the power of their own potential. 

Learning by direct instruction will be enhanced with the arts, technology and student-focused learning techniques including, but not limited to, inquiry, problem and project-based learning, hands-on experimentation and practical life skills, student portfolios, end-of-semester intersession courses (such as robotics, nanotechnology, farm-to-table) and much more.  

In addition to essential core-curriculum studies in math, art, foreign language, science, technology, language arts, and social studies, students at Kaleidoscope will be able to access many different types of learning opportunities including site-based internships, work-based learning, dual-credit courses, mini-courses, and online learning platforms. 

Students who have agency over their learning are more motivated, more highly engaged, and have more successful outcomes.

Our Mission

We're preparing future leaders with a student-centered, innovative approach to high school education. 

Our Board

Meet our community leaders that are providing their expertise to Kaleidoscope Charter High School.

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